Who we are

We are a boutique business coaching and consulting firm committed to helping you and your business ‘make the difference that counts’ to accelerate your business so it breaks through the next level and beyond.

What makes us unique?  We help you transform your business so it’s set up to grow all the time.  And, at the same time, minimising the time you, the owner, need to spend in the business.

Our philosophy

Great things are achieved when a leader empowers their business around ‘purpose’.  Leadership that empowers drives clear purpose. Empowering leadership and clear purpose empowers people. Empowered people drive amazing outcomes and achieve outstanding results.

What we do

Put simply… we help you build momentum for continuous growth, by helping you build your own system for innovation and positive change, BUT driven by your team.  This ensures your business always has a competitive advantage.

We coach business owners, like you, who want to transform the way they lead so their teams are empowered to systematically innovate and execute to drive growth, in a way that reduces risk.

How we do it

We do this by helping you build a business system to maintain a dynamic competitive advantage flowing from:

  • empowering-others leadership
  • team-driven culture
  • customer-centred innovation
  • purpose-driven systems.

We help you develop the systems you need to constantly create new and unique value for customers, exploit new ways of working, build and maintain a culture of innovation and agility, and manage business risk.

We do this by coaching business owners, like you, to understand and develop a new owner mindset and the leadership practices that focus on growth, not simply managing tasks.  That means, empowering the team to innovate, reduce risk and execute through systems that are continuously improving.

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Your Benefits

  • External knowledge and help to drive innovation and business growth
  • Transformation of your team from mundane subordinates to motivated problem solvers
  • Innovation becomes your business culture
  • Dynamic profit growth engine that is team-powered
  • Customers becoming ambassadors
  • Improve productivity by 8% per year
  • Improve revenue by 15% per year
  • Less stress and working less hours!!!

In short, join all the dots!

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