Who we are

We are a no-fuss, no-hype, down-to-earth business coaching and consulting firm committed to helping small to medium-sized businesses break through the barrier to double profits every three years, with the owner working only half the time!

Our philosophy

Purpose-driven: Organising around ‘Purpose’ drives wild success outcomes, with its bias on effectiveness. Organising around ‘Profit’ drives incremental success outcomes, with its bias on efficiency.

Team-empowered: Amazing outcomes and outstanding results are achieved when a team is empowered to be their best to achieve a clear ‘purpose’. Today’s true leaders empower their business around ‘purpose’.

What we do

We coach business owners and senior managers, like you, who want to transition to ‘purpose’, from ‘profit’, as their driver to better outcomes… without fuss, fanfare or flowery fables.

In other words, we help business owners lead and build successful, highly profitable purpose-driven, team-empowered businesses. And, we help senior managers lead and build successful, high-performance teams empowered by purpose.

How we do it

Our newest program is the world’s only ‘step-by-step’ program for building a purpose-driven, team-empowered profit engine to double business profits every 3 years, with the owner working only half the time!

The program helps with:

  • new leadership approach
  • customer-centred purpose
  • purpose-driven culture and systems
  • team-empowered innovation and implementation.

We do this by coaching business clients, like you, to develop a new mindset and leadership practices that focus on growth, not managing tasks.  That means, empowering the team to innovate, reduce risk and build implementation systems that are constantly being improved.


  • Purpose becomes your business success driver
  • Team-empowered innovation becomes your business culture
  • The team will step up and take on the responsibility to grow the business
  • The team will enjoy coming to work and want to make a difference
  • The team will be dynamic and agile
  • The team will access grassroots business intelligence
  • A tailored system to constantly create new and unique value for customers
  • A tailored system to constantly identity and exploit new ways of working
  • A tailored system to manage and reduce business risk
  • Clients and customers will become fans and ambassadors
  • A powerful and dynamic profit growth engine that is team-powered
  • Improve productivity by 8% per year
  • Improve revenue by 18% per year
  • Owners and senior managers will have less stress and work less hours
  • The business owner’s impact on more important priorities will double!!!

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