Creating a Big Great Idea List

Trying to find strategic opportunities for your business?

Industry Considerations Template

A template for use to think through the forces that are impacting on businesses in an industry.

SWOT Basic Template

Matrix template for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats

SWOT Matrix Cross Analysis Template

Template to assist with cross matching Opportunities and Threats with corresponding Strengths and Weaknesses

Business Disaster Triage Checklist

A general checklist used by Leadership Resources Consulting Group to help work through issues immediately arising from a business crisis or emergency.

Business Disaster Triage Template

Word document template of the Leadership Resources Triage Checklist

Are You Managing or Leading?

List of corresponding elements for managing and leading. Take a look and reflect on your time and activity over the past month! Do you need your leadership challenged?

All hail the Generalist

Becoming a specialist has been the highway to career success. But the era of the specialist is waning. Why? The world is becoming much more interconnected, with seemingly unrelated developments impacting on each other. Specialists apply formulaic solutions, which do not effectively deal with uncertainty. Generalists, on the other hand are much better at navigating uncertainty. Do you have the generalist thinking needed today?

The Corporation is at odds with the future.

The corporation has scale, people and systems. They are bureaucratised with well defined boundaries and anchored. This puts them clearly at odds with a future requiring speed, responsiveness, broad and new thinking. How do corporations need to change their approach?

Digital strategy is not IT strategy

Having a strategy that incorporates digital technologies is not a digital strategy. Digital strategy is not automation. Digital edge (not digital substitution) is creating value and revenue. It s exploiting the digital connection between systems, people, places and things. Do you need a digital rethink?

Template: One Page Plan

Template for capturing on one page: where you are NOW; WHERE you want to be; and HOW you are planning to get there. Cascade them by having one for the team and then each team member has their own at the next level of detail. If you would like an editable version, please contact us. Don't know WHERE you should be heading? Contact us.

Why leaders need to stop delegating innovation

On average, only 15% of companies were successfully innovating. Executives at these companies saw it as their direct responsibility to do creative work. These executives spent 50% more time on 'discover activities'. Read the article to learn the 3 things leaders can do to lead innovation culture.

The innovation mindset in action: Jerry Buss

How Jerry innovated to rise from poverty, buy and remake the LA Lakers and ultimately transforming the sport of basketball in the USA. Can you see these qualities in yourself and your team?

The innovation mindset in action: Shantha Ragunathan

Meet Shantha Ragunathan, an illiterate woman from Kodapattinam, a remote village in Tamil Nadu, India. Her story is at once heartbreaking and inspiring, showing that game changers can come from all walks of life, all over the world. Tenacity is a quality that drives innovation. How is yours?

The innovation mindset in action: 3M Corporation

One of 3M’s strengths is how it treats promising employees: give them opportunities, support them, and watch them learn and thrive. 3M provides a rich variety of centres and forums to create a pool of practical ideas that are then nurtured into opportunities and provided the necessary resources for success. How does your business rate?

Are you missing mark on innovation?

This infographic summarises innovation lessons and thoughts from separate research conducted by Accenture, Bain, Deloitte, Forrester and PwC.

How banks can reimagine risk after the GFC (2012 White Paper reloaded)

Prepared for a major global accounting firm and their investment banking clients.
Recommended banks need to better utilise technology and informal structures to reform risk cultures.
This white paper has been reloaded for general information.