The leading edge of strategy is maximising competitive advantage through innovation.

This means taking a radical approach to strategy.  It is about revolutionising how you better meet your customers need with greater efficiency.  Digital, mobile, social offers huge opportunities never before seen to reinvent products and services, or their delivery, creating value for customers.

This means: challenging current thinking; developing depth of insight and ‘big game’ perspective; interpreting market dynamics; encouraging creativity; identifying new capabilities; creating innovation opportunities; systematically analysing, planning and testing; fine-tuning; stretching objectives; and managing risk.

How are you injecting creative thinking into strategy to create and drive innovation for competitive advantage?

Effective strategy involves joining all the dots in context, between: market dynamics, client need, new technologies, business capability & resources to create a new business model to deliver a unique and powerful value proposition.


Incrementalism means commercial suicide!  Innovation is not continuous improvement.  It is not setting the next level of best practice. There is an army of entrepreneurs trying to build and fund revolutionary business models designed to put major players out of business. They are bright, talented, energetic and resourceful.  They are small, nimble, well-funded and without legacy!  Their number has never been greater. Many of them have been trained by the major players.

We can help!

We work with your best and brightest on generating and capturing the wildest ideas available and applying out-of-the-box creativity to find innovation opportunities in a landscape being reformed by digital technologies.  Why can’t you reinvent the industry?  Others have!   We work these crazy concepts into scenarios, research and test to generate genuine strategic options to create unfair advantage.  Once decisions made, we help draw up the winning Game Plan.

Building the Innovation Engine

An innovative culture or culture of intrapreneurship is imperative if innovation is to be the key driver of sustainable competitive advantage.

We work comprehensively with clients on an organisational development strategy for building an internal culture of innovation.

Programs developed to support clients:

Revolutionary Strategic Thinking
(New, innovative, ground breaking things are being done by businesses everywhere.  How can we do this in our business?…scenario/hypothesis making)

Radical Strategic Game Plan
(Strategy development including corporate and digital strategy)

Business Model Generation
(Reinventing your business model for a new world)

Lean Innovation
(Emergent strategy & execution in agile cycles)

Co-innovation Labs
(Partnership in driving emergent strategy & execution in agile cycles)