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The FIRST marker on the recovery road is here! Part 2 of our journey to turn the world’s biggest challenge into our biggest opportunity. It’s time to get prepared to thrive on the other side.

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The world as we knew it is in reset! This is a start to sharing my journey trying to lead my family, my business and those around me through this reset to be better and stronger than before it all started. The reset will progress in stages. Will you join me?

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As one day rushes into the next, it is easy to miss the tell tale signs of tectonic change. Fear is one emotion we should go with. It is a critical element in the environmental ‘radar’. ‘Healthy fear should translate in to insight and inspire action, if not innovation.

As business professionals, we should be confident in our intellect and skills, but greatest strength is often also greatest weakness ….

the market and the office have to throw at us. Our success creates blind spots. We cannot afford to leave them unchecked. Every business should entertain healthy fear.