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Today, restrictions begin easing ever so slightly across Australia. The health crisis is under control for now, with new capacity for any future outbreaks. In fact, headlines in Australia have announced the curve is ‘beyond flat’. And, we are going to all get used to Bluetooth handshakes via the COVIDsafe app.

We are fast approaching system shut down and about to reboot.

But, restrictions are still substantial. We are not yet into genuine damage assessment. Acceptance of loss of life and livelihoods is only starting to take shape.

The second marker is not quite here, but approaching very fast.

I’ve been sharing my journey through to the other side of this health and economic crisis. In my first article, I outlined 5 markers that will help navigate the road to recovery. My second article suggested that we have passed the first marker and recommended a number of actions we should undertake to be prepared, so we will to end up on the other side–thriving, not just surviving.


There is a growing sense of urgency. The speed of the curve flattening and restrictions lifting is a surprise to most of us. What is means is we should be well down the path towards completing the 5 actions recommended after passing the first marker.

How are we going?


1. Am I prepared? Have I got my house in order?

Nothing outstanding, every up to date. Action list completed. Nothing to stop me running hard when business properly re-opens.

Draft short-term tactical plan for re-opening my business, down to who needs to what, when the relevant restriction is lifted.

2. What is the status of my Big Great Ideas List?

Effort exploring a potentially better future for my business and what it could look like in the post-COVID world.

Opportunities to become more efficient. Opportunities to take my value offer to the next level. Opportunities to reinvent and redesign, even as I rebuild (some people call this a ‘pivot’).

In a post-COVID world, what could, should, must my business look like?

3. How can I test my short list of Big Great Ideas?

A reality check.

4. What is the next phase of supporting my staff?

Concern about the health crisis is transforming into anxiety about the impending economic crisis–a ‘tsunami’ is coming!

Remaining clear, calm and connected.

5. Continue to observe, listen and be watchful.

When the next marker arrives, be ready to change up another gear.

See article “Passing the FIRST marker” for more detail.

A state of urgency

We won’t get a long time to explore our ideal business shape for the future. We certainly won’t get too many tries before a ‘new normal’ is upon us and the new rules will be set.

If this has been of any interest or help to you, please check out my earlier articles “5 Markers on the Journey” and “Passing the FIRST marker” and stay tuned.

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Michael Lin is Lead Consultant at Leadership Resources Consulting Group.

Photo by Kerry Raymond on Wikimedia